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The Children's Literary and Theater Studio "Planeta" resumes its activities

The Children's Literary and Theater Studio

WARNING! The Children's Literary and Theater Studio "Planeta" resumes its activities in the Central City Library with the Theatrical Project of the fairy-tale performance "The Adventures of a Wooden Doll from a Log to a Man" (based on the fairy tale "Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi)

Deadlines for the Literary Contest "Lyudyna. Fate. Epoch" will be changed...

Deadlines for the Literary Contest

Dear friends! In 2024, the dates for holding the All-Ukrainian annual literary contest of spiritual, philosophical and civic poetry and prose "Lyudyna. Fate. Epoch" will be changed in connection with the redistribution of the tender documentation. Follow the information on the website of the Central City Library.

The meeting place is a library!

The meeting place is a library!

DDear readers, during the period of hostilities, the library is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Additional information can be obtained by calling +38(096)860-08-20! Readers are not serviced during an air alert. The nearest shelter is in the yard of the building, str. Danylevsky, 34.

«War: the approaching days of victory»

«War: the approaching days of victory»

Dear friends! At this difficult time, the project "War: the days approaching Victory" is launched on the library's website. All readers and friends of our library will be able to share their story, their pain and experiences about this terrible time. Each of us has something to tell, it affected everyone, burned the soul, changed life, divided it into "before" and "after".

marker Information site BTF them. VG Belinsky CBS Shevchenko district of Kharkiv city welcomes you.

marker The purpose of the Internet - a resource - to acquaint the inhabitants of the city, as well as all those interested in with the work of public libraries in Kharkov.

marker On the site you will learn about the work of the Central City Library and its branches, gather a lot of useful and interesting information about the literary life of the city, book updates.

marker To provide timely information you can use the virtual reference service.

marker CCH name VG Belinsky is working closely with the International Programme "Bіblіomіst . "

marker In 2010, our CLS became the winner of the "Bіblіomіst" "Organization new library services with free access to the Internet ", all the libraries are equipped with new computer equipment, Internet access free of charge!

marker In 2011, the 200th anniversary of VG Belinsky BTF holds "Urban annual literary competition spiritual and philosophical and civic poetry (prose)" Man, the fate of the era ... "named after VG Belinsky." Since 2012, becoming an international contest. In 2013, the nominations for "Poetry" and "Prose" added the nomination "My City" (on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Kharkov).

markerSince 2016 the site has presented the Corporate electronic catalog of the Public Libraries of Kharkov "PubLibNet". At your service information resources of the Internet, prepared by our employees: electronic libraries, Internet periodicals.

markerIn 2017 the site of the Belinskiy Central State Library became the winner in the nomination "The Best Site of the District / City Centralized Library Network (CLN)" in the competition of the Ukrainian Library Association

marker Come on, look, read, study, use of our resources!

marker Site pages are constantly changing, there are new features and services that make easier work of library staff and increases the level of visitor services.

Latest News

Congratulations on Victory Day!

Dear readers and residents of the city of Kharkiv, the team of the Central City Library. VG Belinsky congratulates you on Victory Day
“Philosophy of an age”

With a great success there was a presentation of an exhibition of a talented Kharkiv’s painter Natalia Alimova “Philosophy of an age” held in Belinskiy central city library on the 22nd of June, 2017.
Person, Destiny, Epoch

There was a festive rewarding of the winners according to the results of an annual city literary competition of spiritually- philosophical, civic poetry and prose "Person, Destiny, Epoch" took place in Belinskiy Central City Library

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Джоджо Мойес «До встречи с тобой»

Недавно в метро я стала свидетельницей разговора двух женщин о книге Джоджо Мойес «До встречи с тобой». Их спор по поводу главных героев заинтересовал меня настолько, что вернувшись домой, я скачала эту книгу и решил...

On our website poyavylsya resource kotorыy pomozhet find blyzhayshuyu libraries for you, to know, How Neagh with svyazatsya and take advantage of EE services. Let us blyzhe in the digital and real myre!
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